How to properly wash and care for football shirts

Every collector is very concerned about the pieces in his collection, so washing and properly preserving his football shirts is an essential task to keep them in good condition.

to keep the shirts always new, it is necessary to always wash them by hand, with water and neutral soap and rinse each of the pieces several times.
how to wash
To wash shirts, the ideal is to use detergent/neutral soap and dry in the shade. It is good to prevent the piece from soaking for a long time and to wring out the water.

Move away from the washing machine and never use laundry detergent. Dry cleaning, bleach, fabric softener and dryer are other techniques that should not be used.
When drying your costume, avoid the aid of centrifugal machines that can distort the product and damage the prints. If you decide to use it, put the uncustomized shirts underneath and very well distributed. Ideally, they are not too wrinkled or too large. The shirts with a name, number and sponsorship, on the other hand, must be placed on top and rolled up, so that personalization is stretched.

Beware of personalization
One of the main precautions when it comes to understanding how to wash football shirts is due to personalization. Eternalizing your name or that of your idol on the shirt is special, but it needs care. A very important tip to preserve color and writing is to wear the uniforms inside out.
To remove a specific stain, use a stain remover and a soft toothbrush.
How to store your shirt
The way you store the shirts can also speed up or slow down the wear of the piece, as well as retaining its original characteristics.

The best way to store your robes is to hang them with a hanger, preferably made of wood or covered with velvet.

It is important to avoid storing the shirt folded, especially if it has sponsorship or customization, and store it dry in places with little or no humidity.
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